In ‘The Half Blood Prince’ there is a marvelous time piece in which the sand runs quicker or slower depending upon the quality of the conversation. There are times I wish the world had such a timer. Imagine being able to slow down time as humanity grapples with global warming. Or being able to slow time down before our leaders, or indeed ourselves made the choice that would result in death for someone. But such a timer is only to be found in Hogwarts I fear.

Perhaps the world simply moves too fast now to allow us the thinking time we need. Consider if you will the ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ how many of you realize that between the time Frodo is gifted the ring and the time he actually leaves the Shire that near enough thirty years pass  in the book? Of course in the movie that little detail is glossed over.

Instant coffee, frozen dinners, movies on demand, so much of our world is now, now, now.

Perhaps we need to step back and learn how to enjoy time. May I suggest a simple experiment. Find an interest that takes time and cannot be rushed. Perhaps plant a seed and nurture it through it’s life. Start tracking the Moon and the other planets. No equipment needed other than a star chart http://www.stellarium.org/ and it will take you through a yearly cycle that cannot be rushed.

Perhaps if we learn to enjoy time we will not be in such a rush to be doing and destroying.


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