Ben Powless

The Environmental Movement is certainly not a monolith. Nor should it be. But that doesn’t mean we should not get to know each other. Ben Powless is one Eco-warrior you might enjoy getting to know. Among other things he is a member of the Indigenous Environmental Network

Earthguage another one of those pesky environmental sites that the Canadian Government dislikes so much has an excellent oral interview with him.

I believe that as much as we need diversity we also need unity which translates into Political Power.  Governments and businesses care about getting re-elected and profits. If you do not have political clout or the ability to cut into profits you will be ignored. If we are ignored so is our cause.

If we join together, First Nations from around the world, non natives, NGOs, individuals, groups, religious people, atheists, agnostics, white, brown, red, yellow and if there are any purple people you too, we might and I stress ‘might’ just stop this descent into becoming the universe’s largest garbage heap.

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