When Myra and I first moved into Camp Lookout we were semi isolated. Once the road ended we waked about 1 kilometre along a mountain trail to our house. We had few neighbours and only one whose house we could actually see.

If we wanted to talk to someone in the outside world it was as easy as turning on the generator, plugging in the computer, attaching the VHF radio and sending out a message by ‘packet’. 15 years later we are on the grid, have lots of neighbours and communicate via the web and cell phone. We live in the Third World but we are interconnected to everywhere. Every one and every thing is interconnected.

The Canadian government and some of the Canadian people are incensed that outsiders dare to be involved in the opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Proposal. Yet this very same government and people are happy, happy, happy that PetroChina has bought an entire Athabaskan Tar Sands project. They also have no objections to the dozen or so other countries and outside corporations that have bought into the Tar Sands.

Seems to me that if PetroChina and others can buy into the Tar Sands because it is in their interest to produce this black death that other outsiders have the right to stop the Tar Sands because it is in their interest not to have it produced.


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