Uploaded by on 26 Jul 2010
‘The Canadian government is considering a pipeline proposal from Enbridge that would bring more than 200 crude oil tankers annually to British Columbia’s west coast. With this kind of traffic, it will not be a question of IF a spill will occur, but a question of when, where, and how large. Accidents happen. Since 2003, Enbridge is responsible for at least 63 spills, leaks, and releases each year. We will not allow B.C.’s coast to follow in the tragic footsteps of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. Greenpeace is calling on the Canadian government to legally ban oil tankers on B.C.’s coast, and on Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel to cancel the proposed Northern Gateway Pipelines Project so that Enbridge doesn’t become the BP of B.C.’
I am not a member of Greenpeace but I agree with them that Supertankers carrying Bitumen on the B.C. Coast is a bad idea. 

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