I wrote the following about six months ago;

“The man in the picture is a Canadian politician who has almost perfected the art of speaking out of both sides of his very large mouth! His government has willingly accepted huge amounts of foreign money to develop the Alberta Tar Sands. Actually the Chinese government has just bought a big hunk of the action.

I am a retired pastor and I am one of the radicals he is complaining about. My wife has her doctoral in Peace and Development, teaches at two universities and does not have a drivers licence. I do not drive, have planted over 200 trees in the last few years and have intentionally lowered my carbon print.

I say to my government, BRING IT ON! You are not going to build Gateway. You are not going to continue your rape of my Mother Earth. And you are most assuredly going down in the next election .”

Much has happened in the last six months;
Under the leadership of Steven Harper and Joe Oliver our environmental laws have been gutted. The Fisheries Act has been modified. The JRP hearings have been shortened and their teeth have been pulled. Enbridge has found such stiff opposition to the Northern Gateway Pipeline that they are now thinking of heading the Dilbit eastward. The needed Supertanker route has also run into stiff opposition. And China is beginning to get frustrated at the ongoing opposition.
Not too bad for a bunch of wimpy western radicals. Not too bad at all. Perhaps now Steve and Joe will realize we are not wimpy western  radicals. What we are is a group of very concerned citizens who have a different vision for Canada’s future than they do. 
 Our vision is of a Canada that values our Mother Earth. We envision a Canada that is green rather than carbon black. There is an awakening dream amongst us that sees the Fullness of  Nations accepting stewardship over the land and working with it to nurture all that lives here. 
We do  not want to turn the clock back. Neither do we want to continue down this insane slide to Hell on Earth.  We want an environment that is enhanced rather than destroyed by technology. We see science as a tool that when held under the control of wisdom and compassion will help humanity to live with rather than above our fellow beings. 
We see a Canadian future with clean air, clean water and a sustainable economy. 

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