Military weapons, read assault rifles, ammunition and other goodies were found stashed in Northern B.C. a few months ago. No arrests were made and the RCMP apparently had no idea whose stash it was. 

With Keystone XL off the table there is now only  the Enbridge Gateway proposal. This proposal runs through First Nations lands and hearts. There are multiple First Nations on record opposed to Enbridge. There are none on record for it.

Did I mention that the weapons stash was found on Native Land?

Albert Johnston  http://www.mysteriesofcanada.com/NWT/madtrapper.htm is just one of many people from the north who were ‘wanted’ but chose not to be found. Some have even fathered rather large families as they wandered through the bush for years on end. Northern B.C. is every bit as unfriendly to occupying forces as Afghanistan is! 

I am not suggesting an armed conflict is a good idea. I am simply stating that if it got that far nothing would flow through the pipeline though much blood would flow into Mother Earth.

Now is the time to stop the spiral into violence.
Keystone XL pipeline proposal rejected — for now – Politics – CBC News

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