Two cultures, two visions, two law systems, one mess. Traditionally when two cultures meet one dominates and the other assimilates or at least works within the forms and systems of the dominant culture. 
In British Columbia Canada there are many First Nations. Each one has their own unique understanding of how to best interact with the dominant culture. I make no claims to know the best way. 
The main link, found below my opinions, offers an insight into how one First Nation is struggling through this problem. However as stated above there are many First Nations and many different approaches. Allow me to suggest that anyone who is interested in Canada’s future could find much useful food for thought by going to  http://www.nisgaalisims.ca/welcome , http://www.haisla.ca/ , http://www.gitxsan.com/ , three nations with three different approaches. 
It is not my place nor within my wisdom to declare ‘this is the way to do it!’ But it is my place and within my wisdom to say that unless a way is found that ‘Does Justice, Loves Mercy, and Walks Humbly With Our Mother Earth’ we are all in for a lot of pain.

Division over Enbridge oil pipeline caused by treaty process flaws, Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs say | The Vancouver Observer – Page 1


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