I have yet to find a culture that did not have Sacred Space, Objects, Time and People. Then again I have rarely met two cultures with the same way of expressing the Sacred. 

Sacred Space & Objects may be Rivers, Animals, Laboratories, Groves, Deserts, Graveyards, Monuments, Books, Songs, Poems, Paintings,  Foreskins or Weapons. Any space or object can be Sacred that is ‘set apart’ from the mundane. 

Sacred Time is not as open as Sacred Space & Objects. Rites of Passage dominate Sacred Time. Death and Birth, Menarche, Weddings, Baptism, Full Moon, Solstices, Equinoxes. These are all times of change, times of beginnings and of ending. Times of danger.

Sacred People are the people that are recognized as having the ability to move between the mundane and the Sacred. These people are the ones that help the others to move through their Sacred Times safely. And help is needed because the Sacred is powerful. 

Our world is in trouble because humanity has moved away from the Sacred. For some time to come I shall try to explain a bit of the Sacred. Certainly not ‘all’, probably not even ‘much’… just the wee bit I have been allowed to glimpse.


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