I have no idea who first said it or where I read it but music is as much about silence as it is about sound. It is as much about the silence between the notes as the sound of the notes.  Perhaps in the same way as a sculptor removes the unnecessary to find the form within, the musician puts in the notes to find the silence?

So it is with the Sacred, we recognize it because of what surrounds it. 

The vision of the sacred you have just taken in is at present entitled ‘Heart of the Eagle’. I see the Eagles because of the space around them. I see the Heart because of seeing the Eagles. I see the Sacred because of the space it rests within. 

It has been said that if a person can fully understand the following that they have achieved enlightenment:

I don’t and I haven’t but I have come to understand that the emptiness is as important as the occupied to understand Sacred Space.

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