The Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal calls for a large storage area in Kitimat where the diluted Bitumen will be stored until pumped into Supertankers. Naturally this has all of us treasonous radical environmentalists wondering how safe the storage facilities will be.

Enbridge assures us and everyone else that they are using state of the art construction. They wax poetic on their safety standards, their dedication, their expertise and just how damn good and safe they really are. Matter of fact they are absolutely positive that there will never be any significant damage to the environment from the Northern Gateway Pipeline or the Supertankers that will move it to the world from Kitimat. I wonder if they made similar promises to the people of Michigan shortly before they spilled more than a million gallons into their rivers, creeks and land?

For those who are not up to date on the Athabaskan Tar Sands…. China has bought a large hunk of it and is bidding for the Enbridge Northern  Gateway Pipeline construction contract. As we all know China is a world leader in quality control and safety for its workers. Or at least that is what Prime Minister Steven Harper, Enbridge and China would have us believe.

On the coast of China there is town called Dalian that had facilities for oil storage and pumping. Chinese construction. Chinese safety standards. Chinese expertise. Chinese flaming environmental Disaster! I wonder if the survivors of Dalian would tell us to trust their governments promises?

If you want to continue to wake up and smell the Roses you had best not let the Northern Gateway Pipeline be built.

And of equal importance, 
Help us to shut down the Athabaskan Tar sands.

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