China is killing people in Tibet and this is not news. Not news because it has been going on for a long time. China has become the new Britain as it colonizes the world. This is not news because no one takes it seriously. 
There is a new militarization in the Philippines and it is all about stopping China from expanding into S.E.Asia. Of course it is a very lopsided struggle. The Philippine navy has 2 ships, the air force has no jet fighters and the ground troops are fully occupied with local freedom fighters.
But not to worry the U.S. and Russia have both moved in war ships, the U.S. is adding ground troops, and many S.E.Asian countries are rallying to the cause. When war breaks out over the oil reserves under the sea bed it will be a much more even fight and there will be ample opportunity for death on each side.
In our very interconnected world it is worth remembering that China has been buying vast chunks of the Athabascan Tar Sands and the Canadian government is in the process of putting in pipe lines to move the raw material to China. 
Does anyone out there really believe that this is just coincidence?
China cut off internet in area of Tibetan unrest | World news | The Guardian


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