For those of you who do not know British Columbia Canada is often given the name ‘SUPERNATURAL B.C.’ because of the natural beauty of the area. 
Also for those who do not know Enbridge, China and the Canadian government are attempting to push not 1 but 2 pipelines carrying bitumen in one and nasty chemicals in the other through some of the worlds most beautiful and still pristine areas. 
Obviously leaks will occur and when they do the pristine wilderness will be no more.
The following link will take you to a page where people who love this wilderness will ask you to become involved in stopping this project. What they are hoping you will do is write to various governments telling them that you will not be spending your tourist dollars in any town, village, or fishing/hunting/hiking resort that supports this pipeline proposal. 
I really hope you will do this because the bottom line is now and always will be the almighty dollar and you control it.
Did I mention this proposal also involves supertankers moving through some of the most treacherous waters in the world?  
Pacific Northwest Fishing Reports

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