There is an ongoing battle for the minds and hearts of Canadians. One side wants people to believe that the coastal waters of B.C. Canada are just as safe as a mothers arms. So safe in fact that supertankers carrying Bitumen north and south from Kitimat will never spill the Bitumen into the coastal waters.

The other side wants you to believe they are very very dangerous. The Vancouver Sun two or three times in most years runs a story about a ship like the pictured one. She was off the northern tip of Vancouver Island when she was hit by a rogue wave. Structural damage, cargo shifted, no lives lost but needed to be escorted back into a safe harbour.

Please read the article, look again at the picture and decide for yourself which side is right. If you find yourself against supertankers on the coast please forward this blog to others that respect your opinion. Together we can stop this stupidity.

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