John Milton
Perhaps Canada’s prime minister Steven Harper is a John Milton fan? Equally possible is that he has decided that Lucifer is the Hero in Paradise Lost and he wishes to emulate his thinking. This would explain why he is so desperately trying to turn the country he now rules as a not so benevolent  dictator into a lost Paradise. 
Sierra Magazine has put a terrifying slide show on line entitled  “Pipeline to the Apocalypse’. I call it the wake up call of all time. Canada either allows this desecration to continue or Canada decides  the sacred will be restored to the extent that it can be.
A powerful recurring theme found within humanities common story is how there are always those who seek that which will destroy them. Adam and Eve were not the only ones cast out for desiring the forbidden.

There is a story that tells why Raven is soot coloured. ‘Twice Told Tales’ has some cautionary stories about improper desire leading to downfall. Buddhism has at its core the belief that improper desire is very unhealthy.

Harper is also seeking that which will destroy. He seeks the forbidden fruit of power over our neighbours, our friends, our enemies and our Mother Earth. He wants to create Canada’s Power by feeding the worlds oil addiction. This he will do by supplying the worlds dirtiest and deadliest carbon based fuel… Bitumen from Athabasca. 
One of the great truisms of our world is that the Devil is really good looking cause if he was ugly nobody would be tempted. Harper’s desire also has a certain beauty. Canada becomes powerful and all crawl to our feet. 
We have the worlds drug in our ground. All we need do is get it out and ship it off. Already China and the United States are asking to be little old Canada’s partners. Soon so will the rest of the world or so thinks Harper. Sadly many Canadians are buying into his fantasy and are boarding the Express Train to Hell.
I believe that Harper and those who follow him have made the wrong choice. 
Harper in Canada is just as wrong as Lucifer in Paradise Lost. It is not better to rule. Psychology and most religions agree on one point… we are happier when we serve others.  We live best when we live in harmony. Harmony with other people, with other beings, with creation.           
Power and control  are neither good nor evil. But how we use them is. Lucifer and Harper crave Power to bend others to their will. This is certainly not good. Harper has chosen to seek the power of domination through addiction and this is evil. 
Harper has chosen to feed the worlds oil addiction by destroying the Boreal Forest  that covered the Tar Sands This forest in the Athabaskan area was part of one of the worlds great carbon sinks. A natural cleansing area that offered clean air and water to those who would live within the natural  habitat.  Harper and others have turned it into an area that produces the worlds deadliest and dirtiest carbon fuel. This is evil.
Harper is right about on one point. Canada can indeed become a world power in the 21st century. But only if Canada becomes a world power for life rather than death.

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