Seems to me Stevey is getting into quite a quagmire of his own. There is the question of the robocalls which may have been illegally used to mislead the voters. The RCMP have raided Conservative headquarters searching for documents that will shed light on possible monetary abuses in the last election. His Peking masters are getting impatient with the time frame for getting the Northern Gateway  Pipeline approved.  His governments plans to gut the environmental protection laws and thereby clear the way for the environmental abuse that will result from building the Northern Gateway Pipeline is also not sitting well with many voters. Stevey’s blatant influence peddling around the Northern Gateway public review process is certainly causing him problems.

No doubt about it Stevey has got his own personnel neck deep bitumen quagmire. Because of this quagmire many Canadians are beginning to wonder if his resignation or Christmas will come first. Personally I would not mind an early Christmas present.

But just in case my present does not materialize and he gets to continue to push his agenda please consider the following:  If the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal and the Athabaskan Tar Sands are not shut down we are all committing suicide.

The Calgary Herald ran a reasonable and balanced piece on the Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal. The author at the closing makes the one point that is beyond debate  ‘ And therein lies the rub: how our society depends on oil is the problem.’ 

Here is where the quagmire is deepest. Here is where people such as myself are attempting to bring the world into this debate. The question is not should there be a pipeline? The question is do we continue to live in a way that demands a pipeline?  
If we continue to live in a world totally dependent upon oil we will build the pipeline and continue to burn the synthetic oil that is produced from the Bitumen extracted from the Tar Sands. If we build the pipeline and burn the worlds dirtiest and deadliest carbon based fuel we will continue the march to global suicide through global warming. 
Hopefully this blog will be just one of many ways those of us in this fight will reach out and bring others such as yourself into this struggle.     

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