This is the face of all 21st century Environment versus Resources Wars. Leaders and warriors, women and men for Mother Earth with only their courage and their bodies against well trained and equipped soldiers more than willing to obey the order to kill. Silvia Carrera is her name and she is fighting for her people and her land. She is a Village leader with the courage and audacity to defy a President.

Can she win? A better question is can she be allowed to live. She has gathered the people and brought the attention of the world into their little world. 
This war has been waged since Columbus got lost in 1492. It has been fought throughout what are now called the Americas. It is being fought now over water rights in the U.S. of A.. Over pipelines and Tar sands in Canada. Mining and deforestation in the Amazon.
This war must be won by people like Silvia Carrera. If the other side wins…. welcome to Hell on Earth 

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