This is the mouth of Kitlope Lake which is found within the Great Bear Rain Forest. It is possible to go there in a small boat, step ashore and be the first person to ever stand where you are standing. This is true wilderness.
If the various national governments and international corporations have their way in the not so distant future this land will be devastated by a supertanker accident.
This is just one reason why  First and Second Nations have joined together in common cause to stop the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline, the Supertankers and the guaranteed creation of Hell on Earth.


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  1. You are absolutely RIGHT in your thoughts….Rafe Mair has passionately called a spade a spade just as you have…"THEY " DONT GIVE A DAMN…." AND IT will BE hELL ON EARTH….THANK YOU FOR YOUR BLOG…Kaaren Soby.

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