Harper and  his Hooligans are apparently basing their future prosperity on Athabaskan TAR Sand production. Every reputable scientist that looks at this poison says it has the biggest, baddest, worst carbon footprint of any carbon based fuel in the known universe.

Harper’s Hooligans are threatening court action and all sorts of nasty stuff if the E.U. puts a premium tax on this poison. H.& H. take us out of Kyoto and into the lead in planet pollution and then they complain when others declare there will be a price to pay for their greed. I am not quite sure why Harper and his Hooligans  finds the E.U.’s stance problematical but they certainly do.

Let me try to explain to you Prime Minister and your obviously equally dim Hooligans a simple reality that the majority of the rest of the universe understand. Global warming is killing our planet. No country other than Canada is producing TAR Sand Bitumen to be processed into synthetic oil. You ask ‘why not?’ Simply because it is the dirtiest deadliest carbon based fuel in our world.

The E.U. is out to stop you. The Radical Environmentalists are out to stop you. First Nations are out to stop you. Many of the Second Nations are out to stop you. Just to be perfectly clear about I am out to stop you. And if Archbishop Desmond Tutu is as well connected to God as some believe… God is out to stop you too!

Harper it is time to shake your head cause your eyes are stuck. Leave that damn tar in the ground. Develop Canada into a leader in clean fuel. Save the planet and don’t damn your soul.

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