Know thyself and just as importantly know thine enemy, or so says the Gospel of St. Waddington chapter 1 verse 1. 

I have been trying, with absolutely no success to understand Prime Minister Steven Harper’ s way of thinking. 
He is Prime Minister of one of the worlds most beautiful countries. Take all of the most stunning and beautiful parts from all of the different countries found on Planet Earth and somewhere in Canada you will find similar beauty.
 As a small example… When we were living in Greater Vancouver one of my wife’s friends came for a visit. Being good hosts and wanting to show off where we lived we took her for a days drive. In about 12 hours which included time at the side of the road with a kind and generous old man who let us watch Mountain Goats with his spotting scope she saw;
 mountains, dessert, valleys, temperate rain forest, semi arid forest, rivers, water falls, glaciers, fjords, river canyons, rapids and all sorts of wild animals. 
Remember that drive started in Vancouver and 12 hours later ended in Vancouver. Really just a quick skim of the diversity and beauty that B.C. has to offer. Understand as well that B.C. is about one twelfth of Canada.  
Fjords, desserts, mountains, plains, tundra, the high Arctic, and the worlds longest coastline. Every type of geography the world has to offer is found within Canada’s borders. Clean air and water in abundance. As well every naturally occurring type of alternative energy is found within Canada’s borders,  geothermal, tide, wind, solar and hydro power in abundance. 
With all of this beauty, diversity and natural power to draw on plus a highly educated and industrious population Canada should be as green as clean and as free as any country in the world. But it isn’t.
P.M. Harper has pulled Canada out of the Kyoto Accord. He has proclaimed that the Athabaskan Tar Sands are the backbone of Canada’s financial plans in the 21st century. The P.M. has threatened trade wars against any and all who would put added taxes on the worlds dirtiest carbon fuel that is the result of working the Athabaskan Tar Sands. Scientists have been muzzled and funding has been cut in the environmental sector.
Any Canadian who is opposed to the Athabaskan Tar Sands, the Enbridge Northern Gateway Twinned Pipeline proposal or running Supertankers up and down the B.C. Coast are declared enemies of the state and possibly even treasonous. He has approved both infiltration and subversion of First Nation organizations and has shared the information with roughly 400 organizations  or governments in an effort to protect the energy industry. As well his government has now found it acceptable to use information gathered through torture.    
Canada’s Prime Minister  is turning Canada into a global warming pariah. He is destroying the natural wonders of Canada. Harper is treating the citizens of Canada as if they were traitors in a time of war. 
Harper is the true enemy of Canada. I do not understand why he is, but he is. If you want to understand what I don’t, try clicking on the link below. The article just might clear things up. Then again it might give you nightmares.   

2 thoughts on “Canada’s Real Enemy

  1. Steven Harper knows nothing but greed, and corporate control, Don't waste your time trying to figure him out. Once Alberta elects a new gov't likely the new ndp, his power will deminish. He knows its coming. Focus on promoting his opposition! Sincerely, Brian

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