Talisman Energy a Canadian company is trying to do to the Achuar just what Enbridge and Harper want to do to Northern British Colombian Full Nations People and the rest of the world.

Usually such actions result in life through children but in this case it will only result in death through abuse. 

This should not come as a great surprise to anyone who has been following Canada’s recent push to become a leader in the Cause For Global Warming and Environmental Disaster

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper has withdrawn Canada from the Kyoto Accord. Harper has declared that Canada’s financial prosperity in the 21st Century will be built upon the Athabaskan Tar Sands. 

He has sanctioned RCMP and Military infiltration of First Nations organizations to keep over 400 governments and organizations up to date on potential problems. 
His government has labelled anyone who is against the Athabaskan Tar Sands, the Enbridge Northern Gateway Twinned Pipeline and Supertankers transporting Bitumen along the B.C. Coast as Enemies of the State, Radical Environmentalists and possibly Traitors. 
Are you seeing a pattern here? For some reason that I simply cannot fathom Harper has declared that Canada will become a world leader in the destruction of our planet. If it has carbon and can be burned as fuel we will produce it. If it requires the genocidal destruction of First Nations to mine it Canada wants to be involved. If shipping it can guaranty the destruction of the largest intact temperate rain forest He will ship it. 
Folks this just has to stop but to stop it we need you. 

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