Canada’s face should be as red as the maple leaf on their flag but it isn’t.

The problem is that mainstream Canada does not see the problem, at least not the way the First Nations or the United Nations do.

For most Canadians the problems on reserve have been created by natives. 
For most Natives and the United Nations the problems on reserve come from the government.

Both sides are partially correct. The problems are institutionalized through the Indian Act. The problems are exasperated by people who have been trained through generations to be victims and to blame others.
To solve the problems two things need to happen. The Indian Act must go, the people on reserve must awaken. This is easy to write but it will be very hard to do. 
Lawyers upon lawyers will be needed to dismantle the Indian Act in a positive way. It will take great wisdom to do this properly. The Awakening will be difficult, more painful and much more dangerous. 
There is a belief in many First nations  that life is lived for the ones to come. That what we do and think not only creates their world but also their spirit. I also believe this to be true. The horrible reality behind this truth is that spiritual sickness as well as spiritual well being can be passed down to the future. Addictions, abuse, violence, despair and victimization can all be passed on. 
Generations of children have been ripped out of their villages. They have been tortured and have had to find ways to live through this horror. These ways were not always ways of healing but they were ways that allowed them to survive. Their survival was bought at a terrible price. This I know because I bought my survival in the same way and for many of the same reasons that they bought there’s.

Our survival was bought by twisting and reshaping our inner selves. We closed off what we needed to close off  by building a wall to hide all of the ugly behind. Some do it entirely in their minds. Some do it with drugs and alcohol. It does not matter how we did it or still do it, what matters is that we found a way to become survivors.

The problem is not that we are survivors the problem is that we pass on our survivor to the future. 

Many Elders have pointed out that it will take as long to heal the villages as it has taken to sicken them. There is no quick fix. There is no easy way. The only way is one person, one lesson, one healing, one Awakening at a time. If the Awakening is starting now as I believe it is then in 4 or 5 generations the villages may once again be communities of spiritual health   
Roy Henry Vickers is one who has walked the path of healing and Awakening (my understanding of his journey which he may not agree with) Here I offer what he has created to help people on their journey
My intent is neither to blame nor create guilt. My hope and prayer is that this post will be a step along the path to the healing that will come in time to the villages.  

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