I just posted the following in the Washington Post in answer to a story they have run on the safety of running supertankers in Douglas Channel.
I have lived with the Haisla whose lands include Douglas Channel. I have been a lighthouse keeper on Ivory Island in Milbank Sound. I have been a deck hand on an 80 foot coastal vessel. I have traveled these waters in my own boat. Let me assure your readership of some facts.
(1) these waters are dangerous. Winds in Douglas Channel can exceed 100 mph and icing conditions can be extreme.
(2) Accidents happen and when one happens involving a supertanker the results will be devastating
(3) The people of the coast, the ones who live on and with the mountains and water will not allow the passage of these ships through their lands and waters.
The First Nations on the coast of B.C. have been pushed as far as is possible. They have no where to go and nothing to loose. They know that with the first bitumen spill their life is dead. They and others will stop the supertankers because we have no choice.

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