I understand how this lady and her family feel cause the same thing happened to me and the First Nation that adopted me. One day the KKKanadian Government, with the backing of the Chinese Government told us that Enbridge was going to be putting pipelines through our backyard. 

Now the for those who don’t know about such things the Haisla back yard includes a fair sized hunk of what some call the Great Bear Rain Forest. Our front yard is the better part of the Douglas Channel. Which  is where  they think they are going to run the Supertankers that carry the Bitumen. But that’s another story for another time.  

I must point out that the Haisla ancestral lands do not include all of Northern B.C.. But our kin and neighbours ancestral lands do.  Dollars to do-nuts says if you would ask them how they feel about this pipeline the answer just might sound a lot like the answer the lady from Texas gave.

Seems we all have our very own ‘Battle of the Alamo’ going on. After all those really bad Western movies who would ever have thought that we and some Texans would be fighting on the same side?

Texas farmer’s battle a cause celebre for U.S. opponents of Keystone pipeline

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