The Tyee – Spill from Hell: Diluted Bitumen & World War 3 or 4

Propaganda is easy to come by, I know because much of what I write is propaganda. Science that is written to be understood is harder to come by. ‘The Tyee’ has done a good job of presenting the science of Bitumen Spills in the linked article found below.

Now I will try to do as good a job on the Propaganda Front of this war.

There is a war being fought as I type these words. On one side are those who believe that the path that has brought us to the precipice we now stand on will also take us back from the precipice. On the other side are those who believe we need to find a different path or we will simply fall into the precipice. Both sides are adamant that they are right. Both sides have science and logic on their side. Both sides have fine, upstanding, morally righteous people who believe they are doing the right thing. But both sides cannot be right and if the majority of us end up on the wrong side humanity is in for a quick and ugly descent into Hell on Earth.

Allow me to ask a question that I believe will help you to make what I believe is the right choice.

Take a moment to ask yourself what world do you wish to have your loved ones live in. Do you want them to live without the dangers inherent in living in a toxic waste dump? By toxic waste dump I mean an environment where your water, air and food is so packed with carcinogenic crap that the government warns you against drinking, breathing or eating from the local environment. If you want them to live in a non toxic environment then you might wish to join the side that wants the Athabaskan Tar Sands shut down.

People, animals, plants and indeed all of Mother Earth used to live healthy lives down stream from the Athabaskan Tar Sands. Then as traditional sources of Black Gold fell into decline and the price of crude went up the Tar Sands became viable. Now this project leaches poisons into the environment on a scale so vast it is beyond my ability to describe. Mother Earth and all her children down stream are getting sick and dying. They are sickening and dying because of the path humanity has followed. The path of Greed. The path that says ‘I have the power to take what I want and if it hurts you I don’t give a damn.’

The Athabaskan Tar Sands are but one battle that is currently being fought. The Keystone Pipeline, the Northern Gateway pipelines, supertankers yes or no on the west coast of Canada are also battles being fought in this war. Central and South America are in this war. Include as well China, Russia, and the European Union. Then there is South East Asia, India and the Middle East. Go anywhere you want in this world and the war is being fought. We are now in a World War, call it WW 3 or 4, no matter. Call it what you will as long as you understand that we, you, me are in it.

Greed has brought us this war and it will require a new paradigm to take us away from the ultimate Fall into Hell. We need to understand that enough is plenty. We need to believe that there are limited resources and that we must find a way to share them equitably. Perhaps most importantly we need to realize that there are some things that carry a price that is just too high to pay.

If our present transportation system requires that people sicken and die so we can drive ourselves when and where we want the price is to high. If our standard of living is bought for us by child labour in Asia the price is too high. If our looks are enhanced by the torture and death of other living creatures the price is too high.

I hope I have helped you to join what I believe is the right side in this war. There are some prices that no human can pay and remain human.

The Tyee – Spill from Hell: Diluted Bitumen

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