Sir Winston Churchill is one of many people who have inspired me to become who and what I am. I began reading his works when I was eight years old and I continue to read and learn from him in my sixties. One of his greatest achievements was to guide the British Empire through its darkest hours. He fought Hitler with every weapon he could lay his hands on. America, Russia, China, he didn’t care. The British Empire needed allies, he found allies and he kept them until Hitler was totally and unconditionally defeated. Lesson learned, common cause can make strange bedfellows and strange bedfellows can defeat evil.

Apparently Canada’s Prime Minister Steven Harper is also a fan of the late great Churchill and has decided it is time to destroy the alliance that has grown up against his energy policies and where he is taking Canada. One of the tools he is using is the Canadian Senate which was intended to be the Canadian equivalent of the British House of Lords. A place where cool heads considered the actions of the elected parliamentarians. Regrettably it has sunk to being a mere mouth piece for the Prime Ministers whims and follies.

Senator Doug Finley whose credentials for being in the senate include former federal campaign manager for Steven Harper’s conservative party, management for Rolls Royce Canada and a stint in the Canadian Aero Industry and is now known as Harper’s #2 man has apparently been tasked with being the prime mouth piece of this battle. The article linked below makes many points but there is one that has drawn my attention more than the rest;

‘Shady foreign money’

Finley, who is the former national campaign director for the federal Conservative Party, says that foreign funding is undermining Canada’s economy.

“Shady foreign money is being used to influence Canadian domestic and commercial policy in an obscure fashion,” he told the Senate Tuesday.

“U.S. charitable foundations which may perhaps have their own economic and market driven agenda, are contributing major dollars to pseudo and radical environmental groups in Canada.”

Senator Finley (pictured above) is attempting to play upon two Canadian traits, honesty and patriotism. Canadians by and large are an honest bunch of people. We do not like it when shady people win. We also do not like it when outsiders come in and take over… especially shady outsiders. Senator Finley is trying to convince the Canadian people that Harper has their best interests at heart and will not allow these shady foreign devils to destroy Canada. Ra-ra Sisboomba Yeah Harper! He and his minions they are going to save Canada from a fate worse than death!

Small fly in the ointment, and this is not an exhaustive list, China, the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Japan, Norway and Korea are all investing in the Athabaskan Tar Sands. You want to talk about shady money and foreigners influencing the Canadian economy it is hard to get shadier and more foreign to the Canadian ideals that form my ideal Canada than China.

Amnesty International has little love for the Chinese Government. They believe that China has @ 500,000 people in detention without trial. Chinese reaction to dissent has often been and continues to be, deploy the troops and shoot the citizens. For the true terror of the Chinese system consider the number of Tibetans who have turned themselves into human torches to bring light upon the horrors that China has perpetrated in their country. For reasons beyond my understanding Harper and his clones love the fact that China, shady, despotic, murderous China has control of a large chunk of the Athabaskan Tar Sands and the Canadian economy. But they label people such as myself, a retired on a disability pension pastor, ‘enemies of the state’ and declare that foreign ‘American billionaire socialists’ are funding me. Now I do not mind being Harper’s enemy but where oh where is all the money I am supposedly receiving cause my washing machine needs repairing.

Lest my enemies accuse me rightly of lying or misleading people let me state for the record, that yes indeed there are foreigners and indeed some rich perhaps shady foreigners that are attempting to influence Canadians into shutting down the Athabaskan Tar Sands. Some are undoubtedly doing it out of selfish reasons. But like Harper I too have learned from Churchill. I need and welcome allies from around the world because my fight is against enemies from around the world and I will go down to defeat without them.

Make no mistake, we are in a war. We fight for the survival of Mother Earth and every known living creature. To paraphrase Churchill, we will fight them for the beaches, we will fight them for the air, we will fight them for the fields and forests. We will never stop fighting until we have gained absolute and total victory over the evil that has occupied so much of our world.

Opposing oilsands never ‘a charitable act,’ senator says – Politics – CBC News


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