Over the past year or so there has been an awakening. Here and there, one person at a time the world has changed. People have gone to sleep as one person and awoken as another.

As with all wonders this one has many causes. Canada’s Prime Minister Steven Harper is one.  Enbridge Corporation and their Northern Gateway Pipelines proposal is another. China’s attempted desecration and very real killing and destruction in Tibet has aided this Awakening. Denying of the Keystone pipeline and countless other actions have all played their part.

I thank them and all the other people and occurrences that have enabled this transformation. I am most aware of this change in the Haisla nation but it is happening everywhere.

Great grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers are awakening to the truth that they are important. That they have a voice. That their voice needs to be heard and that others are ready to hear their voices. Anyone who doubts this can simply click on the following link https://www.facebook.com/groups/65423827034/ and read  the messages.

These people are nobodies fool. They have been abused, beat on, spit at, punished for not being English and almost destroyed but the crisis has passed and they are returning to health. They are Awakening.

Take a close look at the above picture. Do you see a drunk on skid row? Do you see a woman selling her body for a fix? Do you see squalor or broken down housing? No! You see a powerful man who knows his story. You see four young people who know what they must do. You see a nation prepared to defend the land they are called to nurture. If you look very very closely you will also see their weapons; a shared story, a gathered clan and tribe, history of and with the land, courage, and an absolute belief in themselves, their people, and their truth. These people have woken from a long and horrible nightmare. They will not return to the dark and the fear.

I offer a prayer of thanks for this Awakening

Aboriginal and Tribal Nation News

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