Ambivalent is a big word like marmalade. But it simply means holding two or more beliefs on a subject.

I like that the international community has stopped Chinese Barbarians from slaughtering Polar Bears in the Resolute Bay area  for pleasure. I do not like the financial hardship that comes to the locals because the Barbarians will not be spreading their wealth around.  I like that this will encourage people to step up the pressure to stop the Barbarians from enjoying their bloody murderous rampage in other countries. I do not like oppressing either the Barbarians or those who profit from them.

I understand that the humans in Resolute Bay and the outlying areas will suffer financial hardship, possibly impoverishing financial hardship because of this change. I understand that they will be angered at the outsiders who have changed their lives. I can even comprehend the opinion that these animals are not endangered as a species and we as humans have a G-d given right to murder them for our pleasures.

I also believe the following.

More than humans and their financial needs are at stake here. Polar Bears have as much of a right to life as any of us do. This is not to say that Polar Bears should not be hunted. They are part of the food chain as seals, Arctic Hares  and indeed humans are. We are all food for others. But as humans it is demanded of us that we only kill for need. Our stories never tell us to kill for sport. Our stories always tell us that we must kill with  the utmost respect, reluctance and sadness.

Outsiders have an obligation to correct locals when the locals are wrong. The locals rarely appreciate the outsiders, but any group that is wrong in a way that creates death and destruction for others must be stopped.

I do not believe that if there is a G-d, He created this world to be our playground and slaughter house. I believe that if there is a G-d, and She created both the world and us, we were created to be stewards not terrorists.

I base my belief that we are called to be Stewards and not Terrorists on a life time of experience and study.  I believe our ultimate purpose is to be Stewards of Creation who live in harmony and peace with each other, with Creation and with G-d. The story in the Book of Genesis (and indeed found within many stories of our creation) moves humanity from being one with G-d and Steward of the Garden to cut off from both G-d and the Garden because of our improper desire and actions. We started off being vegetarians who did not kill for food and were friends with all. We end up being meat eaters and the terrorists of creation.  But the G-d in this story only allows us to kill with severe restrictions. Restrictions that if ignored bring terrible punishment to the guilty. These restrictions tell us that we must kill only for need. That we must kill only with respect, mercy and humility.

The final Book of the Bible in which the revelation given by Jesus and recorded by John is recorded tells us that there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. Most importantly for me, Jesus declares that all will live in Peace in this new Earth and Heaven. That lambs and lions will be friends, and I dare say, Polar Bears will befriend humans.

I was wrong. There is no Ambivalence. I hold only one belief. Chinese (or any other) Barbarians who kill for sport, pleasure and pride must be stopped.

Resolute loses Chinese polar bear hunt – World – CBC News

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