‘The U.S. remains the world’s largest exporter of military equipment, accounting for 30 percent of arms deliveries between 2007 and 2011, followed by Russia at 24 percent, the report said. The Pentagon is asking for $613.9 billion next year, which also includes $88.5 billion in supplemental spending for wars.’ This tidbit comes from an interesting story concerning the decrease in weapons imports by China.

This article raises a few questions for me, well actually only two.

Question number 1: is it good for China to be importing fewer weapons if it is because they are making more of their own?

Question number 2: the U.S. is fighting a global war on terror… does it really make any sense to anyone that the U.S. is the worlds leading weapons exporter and that just so many of these weapons will be used by the very people the U.S. is fighting against?

I just have to believe that Will Rogers is somewhere right now having a good chuckle over this newspaper story.


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