Like the Stone Man I tend to do a lot of watching and thinking. He because he is stone and I because after 30 years with M.S. I don’t get out much anymore.  One of the things I have noticed is that if you have a message to get out, get it on The Huffington Post. Today the HP ran a rather good article on my passion, the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. I posted the following comment and voila my message goes out to millions of potential allies in this crusade.

1 hour ago ( 7:24 PM)

The provincial government is waiting for all the facts before deciding yea or nay on the Northern Gateway Pipeline? If true that would be a first! Here are some of the facts they should consider;
(1) 525,000 barrels of bitumen a day through the pipe requires 1,050,000,000 gallons of pure water per day to be polluted to extract that bitumen.
(2) there is a constant swelling of the ranks on the anti pipeline side and there are already enough of us radical environmentalists to effect the outcome of the next provincial election.
(3) The CSIS issued a report indicating that if the First Nations and environmentalists joined in common cause against the pipeline it would become a nightmare for the pro side. This has happened in B.C.
(4) Assuming that both the federal and Provincial governments are monitoring the social media they are by now aware that the Lakota and Bella Bella have joined together to fight the pipe through a shared 48 hour Fasting.

If I was the presently elected Premier of B.C. and wanted to be so again I would pay attention to the above facts.

My hope is that you will read this and think ‘yes he is right this pipeline should not be built’ and then you will join with me and many others to stop this stupidity.


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