This is just so depressing. The absolute worst nuclear disaster was Chernobyl. Russia already holds the bragging rights so why are they so intent on upping the anti for peaceful nuclear destruction by creating the worlds biggest nuclear junk yard?

There is just so much nuclear junk  sitting in Northern Russia that it is almost beyond understanding.  According to the linked study

‘The North West Region, which includes the Murmansk and Archangelsk Oblasts (provinces), the Novaya Zemlya Territory (Okrug) and the White, Barents and Kara Seas, contains the largest concentration of fissile, radioactive and nuclear materials for either military or civilian application found anywhere on the planet.’

200 Nuclear Submarines in various states of repair. Civilian fleets of Nuclear powered ships. Nuclear Power Plants new, not so new and shut down. Spent fuel rods by the thousands and the list goes on and on and on.

Now for the really cheery bit of news. Russia apparently has neither the expertise, the finances, the desire nor the motivation to solve the problem. But then again there may be no solution to this problem. Aside from burying this material as a dog buries bones has anyone come up with a way to destroy nuclear waste on this scale? Maybe they have but I have never heard of it.

Like I said this is just so depressing! 

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