A man who follows the Way of the Sweat Lodge tells me all of the two legged ones are brothers and sisters. A Christian tells me we are all created in God’s image. A Buddhist monk tells me all people are the same.

In my life I have found that wherever I am people have the same needs and desires.

Yet I have also found most people define themselves in ways that bring out the differences rather than the similarities.

We are the people of the river… they are the people of the snow. I am a Republican you are a Democrat. I am left handed and oppressed. You are right handed and the oppressor. I am native you are non-native. I am puzzled by this building of walls rather than bridges.

There are those who believe that when a person has understood all of the teaching that is held within a Yin and Yang Symbol such as the one in the top left of this page they will have achieved enlightenment. I have no reason to either doubt their belief nor claim that I have plumbed the ultimate depths of the symbol.  

But this I have noticed;

That the white merges into the black and the black merges into the white which raises the question ‘where does black stop and white begin?’

In the middle of the white is black and in the middle of the black is the white. Does this mean I am created from my opposite?

What does it mean that none of the lines have beginnings or endings. Or does it mean anything?  

As you can see I have not lied. I do not have the answer to the puzzle of the Yin and Yang. All I have is bewilderment that humanity by and large chooses to build walls that create suffering rather than bridges that bring healing

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