This was first posted in March of 2012. Since that time laws have been rescinded. Rules have been altered. Government agencies have been shut down. Anti terrorist squads have been placed in western Canada to protect the Tar Sands and oil concerns. I believe Jennifer’s words are more meaningful today than when she first penned them 

Jennifer Faith Davidson
My letter I submitted today ….feel free to read
Letter of Comment

Contact information and written comments will be placed on the public registry for this project. Hard copy filings may be made by mail, courier, hand delivery or fax at the address below.
Joint Review Panel – Enbridge Northern Gateway Project
444 Seventh Avenue S.W., 2nd floor mailroom
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0X8
Facsimile: (403) 292-5503, or toll free at 1-877-288-8803
Date: 27/03/2012
Davidson, Jennifer

mother, traditional drummer and singer, Haida

My name is Jennifer Davidson I am from the community of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. We are home of the most pristine and rugged terrain that is not offered anywhere else in the world, National Geographic would just adore. We are home of many rivers, Skeena and Kitimat just to name a few. We have many communities on our coast that have their livelihood on the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Ocean is home to many First nations people. In our ocean which is home to Killerwhales , dolphins, porpoises, ducks and many mammals, also many species of salmon. The ocean provides an abundant amount of seafood to first nations as well as non native people. There are fisherman who make
their livelihood on the coast. 
January is a month of cockles and clams that are harvested by all especially in Prince Rupert and surrounding villages
 February is a month of herring, herring travel up and down our coast, this also provides a delicacy to first nations people along the coast
March is a month where the herring spawn their eggs on kelp and is a traditional food as well as a delicacy  
April and May seaweed is harvested on the coastal communities including Prince Rupert, this is a very nutritional diet for First Nations people. 
Halibut is caught by quota by fisherman along the coast, in summer months sockeye salmon is caught by many First nations as well as non native and sport fisherman who also catch various species of salmon.
In summer months salmon berries are in abundance and blueberries are picked. 
October November our hunters are out for moose, deer is caught certain times of the year, this provides a plentiful feed for many families. 
The winter months clams, cockles are harvested on the coast. 
The pacific ocean is home a variety of food that first nations as well as non native people depend on and appreciate, we give thanks for everything, our beautiful province provides, i am in opposition of a pipeline and proposed tanker route in my province as well as my community. 
I am a First nation and Canadian and proud of where i come from. If there ever was an oil spill here it would bring devastation to the food supply as well as the long term affects of health, the water , the ocean all would be contaminated and not fit for consumption, there would be no place for our harvesting, our tides are strong on the coast and by our communities, our areas are more than well known to local people who navigate these waters.
We do not want what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico and Kalamazoo River in Michigan, we want to
preserve our pristine wilderness and rivers this will have devastion for years to come and no one knows the impacts this will do, its been well over 20 years since the Exxon Valdez oil spill and oil is still present on beaches,
I am opposed for health, spirtual , mental, physical, and emotional impacts this will do on all of our generations to come, spirtual, our people will not have our foods, rivers, ocean for food, Physical, will bring devastation to our lands if oil is spilled will kill our water supply as well as food chain, emotional: who will provide hunting and fishing areas, how will will we be compensated if an oil spill happens, as o we have been taught for many generations from our ancestors, water is more valuable than oil and we only take what we need, we are a appreciative, and humble people.

4 thoughts on “The Words of a Haida Woman ~ Now The laws Have Been Changed And An Anti Terrorist Squad Has Been Created To Protect The Tar Sands

  1. Hello Jennifer. I applaud you for your comments and agree that a pipeline should not be installed in your province. It seems that the powers that be are bent on destruction of human life. In my mind, it is up to the women to get together to instruct these lost souls what to do. I am all for the reinstitution of the clan system (what has been lost to most American Indians in the United States)and for the Clan Mothers to rise up and take their place so there can be a true balance of power. After all, it is the mothers who understand about war and the price it brings in losing the husbans, fathers, sons and brothers. It is the mothers who understand economics and the prices that are paid, by those in the lower echelons, because of the male lust for gold (oil is the black gold), money and power.I am with you sister and, in fact, I hear there is going to be a Womens conference (North American Indian Women) in Yellow Knife. Maybe you have heard of Noelline Villebrun? She is the former Chief of the Dine there. If we can bring back these wayward children to their senses then perhaps the Creator will smile on us and restore this earth that we were given to be caretakers of.

  2. Carol, I have passed on your comment to Jennifer. I am in full agreement with yourself and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu… the only way we will get true peace and not just the occasional stopping of violence is when the Clan Mothers in all cultures regain their voice and their power.

  3. You expressed yourself with eloquence concerning life, land, and the people – your close ties with the oceans and the wealth of life around you with great stress around the idea of the pipeline and tankers; its true, money can't buy another ocean. The ocean and forest are apart of the North West Coast. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the importance for management and planning for the next generation to consider. There is no compensation if the water or ocean life are gone from an oil spill. Many bear hugs Sharon,

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