The Words of a Haida Woman has been viewed over 200 times in the last 36 hours. That is a record on my blog. My best read blog has less than 50 reads in 2 weeks.

sharonlewis2012Mar 31, 2012 10:49 PM

You expressed yourself with eloquence concerning life, land, and the people – your close ties with the oceans and the wealth of life around you with great stress around the idea of the pipeline and tankers; its true, money can’t buy another ocean. The ocean and forest are apart of the North West Coast. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the importance for management and planning for the next generation to consider. There is no compensation if the water or ocean life are gone from an oil spill. Many bear hugs Sharon,

Carol Shoemaker an author and a woman with her own story sent in a comment. Because it was a public comment on my blog I feel it is now a part of my story. I wish to share what Carol wrote.

Hello Jennifer. I applaud you for your comments and agree that a pipeline should not be installed in your province. It seems that the powers that be are bent on destruction of human life.

In my mind, it is up to the women to get together to instruct these lost souls what to do. I am all for the reinstitution of the clan system (what has been lost to most American Indians in the United States)and for the Clan Mothers to rise up and take their place so there can be a true balance of power. 
After all, it is the mothers who understand about war and the price it brings in losing the husbans, fathers, sons and brothers. It is the mothers who understand economics and the prices that are paid, by those in the lower echelons, because of the male lust for gold (oil is the black gold), money and power.

I am with you sister and, in fact, I hear there is going to be a Womens conference (North American Indian Women) in Yellow Knife. Maybe you have heard of Noelline Villebrun? She is the former Chief of the Dine there. If we can bring back these wayward children to their senses then perhaps the Creator will smile on us and restore this earth that we were given to be caretakers of.


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