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Ayla Y Brown 9:53pm Apr 2

I suppose the joint review pannel didn’t realize they weren’t the only important people on the plane. The Heiltsuk’s highest ranking Hemas (herridiatary chief/leader) was also on the plane. The song that the signers were singing was his cheif’s song. They were welcoming home a leader of the community. Also it is custom to extend a traditional welcome to all important vistors (Which the JRP would be considered. Afterall they do hold a very important decision in their hands.) They walked right past our traditional leaders (Louis Vutton bags in hand) without acknowledging the true owners of the land they were on. How disrespectful and culturaly ignorant can you be?

Our people were there to peacefully express their disapproval of the pipeline project. Which they have the right to do. It needs to be said that the majority of the people on the road were CHILDREN. Why would a people who say they are doing all this for their children’s futures and future generations put their children at risk for even one second? The answer is they wouldn’t. If things were going to be violent or ugly we would not have brought our children out. We were there to peacefully and powerfully express our views. (Personally I believe that the power of our culture and conviction of our beliefs was something so foriegn to them that they were frieghtened.)

The most extreme thing that went down was a young white man who ins’t even from Bella Bella held up a sign rather close to the van the JRP was in. If this is their precieved threat then they need a serious reality check.

The JRP was also invited to feast and witness a tradtional cultural program. They of course declined. Their excuse was was that it was too late to meet (How is 2 in the afternoon too late?)

Anyways this is what I’ve pieced together from talking to everyone. There are pleanty of community members who have video of the hapennings at the airport. I am insulted that the JRP is stating that they were threatened. The Heiltsuk are a peaceful people with strong beliefs. If that frightens you you are on another planet of dementia.

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