Colleen Starr

Awww this just about brought tears to my eyes when I was walking home with Erin @ lunchtime from school today. She started talking about the oil spill. what if a spill happens from the pipeline mom. She started saying it will kill the fishes,starfishes,sea urchins,sea cucmbers,seals whales otters anything she could think off, then the question came up mom if the oil spill happens and kills everything in our waters does that mean we will die too? I answered her question by telling her no we won`t die but we will no longer be able to live off our land and waters for our traditional foods. just about cried when she said we need our food we live off the waters and land. I don`t want the oil tankers and pipelins coming thru here mom..

This is all about putting a face on this problem. Colleen lives in Klemtu, comes from Bella Bella and is amongst other things a mother. Her 6 year old is worried. I am 60 years old and I am worried too.

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