The doctrine of intervention – Opinion – Al Jazeera English  

How many of you who are reading this realize that it took a Papal Bull to make Indigenous People Human?

It is a fact that until the Pope declared it to be the case no one was sure whether or not all those people they had just ‘discovered’ had souls.

Now if they did not have souls and they weren’t even human up till then it only makes sense that they could not possibly own the land. They weren’t even ‘savages’ they were just two legged animals… sort of like a monkey only not so hairy and no tail.

Of course once the Pope spoke on the issues things improved dramatically. Now instead of merely exterminating them and stealing their land the Spanish needed to torture them to convert them and save them from Hell.  And just in case you would blame it all on the Spanish… England and Holland were no better.

Now lets skip forward give or take 500 years. The same damn thing is happening around the world. First Nations moved off their land. Their culture decimated. Their children stolen. Okay I admit the burning at the stake and being fed alive to dogs has pretty much stopped.  But it is still an ugly picture.

Lets use Canada as an example. Canada as a whole ranks in the top ten of places to live and work unless you happen to live on reserve and then you are ranked around 70th. Canada has an overall low suicide rate unless you happen to be a teen who is also First nations and then you are #1 with a bullet or a rope or a pill. The Canadian government believes in consultation and freedom  unless they want to build a pipeline for Bitumen and run Supertankers through First Nations waters and lands.

It is still the doctrine of intervention. First Nations are still Last Nations when they happen to have anything the dominant culture wants.

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