A Celtic Eternity Knot seems appropriate for the sacred time we are in the midst of. It matters not if you call this time the Spring Equinox, the time of the Oolichan, Passover, Jesus, Easter or anything else your culture and people would call it. Fact is it is Sacred time.

A few months ago for the northerners the first indication that the end of the world was not quite upon us came. The sun began to stay longer and longer in our sky. Now comes the second hint that all is not lost.

Father Sky has sent His sacred rains and our Mother Earth is swollen with life.

For those in the north we have seen our G-ds come back to life after being banished to the land of the dead. They had lost the battle in the Autumn but not the war. Buried but not forgotten. Searched for and found by their fathers or lovers (depending on the story you claim as you own) and now Resurrected.

Our world has returned to life. Our Mother is again Pregnant. There will be food and life once more. Our people are blest.

But in the midst of our Joy we must remember the southerners. For them it is now the time of fear and doubt. For them the sun lingers less each day. For them the sacred rains have past. Their G-ds have been banished.

The Sacred Circle continues as does the Celtic Knot of Eternity



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