A picture is worth a thousand words

I was born into a working class Canadian family in Vancouver Canada near the middle of the 20th century. Just your run of the mill basic white bread.

Eventually I found myself in Kitamaat Village being trained to be a village pastor by the Haisla people. I was radicalized.

It is my hope that you will look at the above picture and begin your own journey of radicalization. The picture come from the ‘Supporting South Dakota Reservations’ page on FB. If you are curious enough to click on the link I suggest you prepare yourself for some shocks. Some nice ones some very ugly ones.

I know that some will say ‘oh how terrible, look what we have done to the poor Indians’. I also know others will say ‘so what they did this to themselves’.

I am of the opinion that it is actually a very complex situation that defies a single simple pat answer. The only two certainties I have are (1) if you want to play the ‘blame game’ there is guilt enough for everyone. (2) the solutions will need everyone.

I hope that by creating this blog I have placed myself with those who wish to be part of the solution. I also hope and pray, that after reading this blog and going to their FB page you too will become part of the solution.


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