Cheryl Ann Grant and part of her family

Cheryl Ann and her family are Indians and they live on reserve.

Because of these two facts there are a lot of people who are scared of her and her family and don’t trust them. Humans you must understand, wallow in fear and mistrust.

I know, I truly do know this to be a fact. It is human nature to fear the unknown. It is one of our strongest survival instincts. And right up to the time we could destroy the world with a push of the button this instinct to fear, mistrust and destroy what we did not know or understand served us well.  But now our world is too crowded and our means of hurting too great to allow fear and mistrust simply because people have not been introduced.  So if you please, allow me to introduce you?

When I first posted this I was unsure exactly who was who and wrote the following;

‘Tyson is the small fellow with the big smile. Keelee is the young girl. I believe the lady on the right is Auntie D. Cheryl is the lady on the left and Granny in the back.’

Thankfully Cheryl has taken the time to correct me. I should add that in the village tradition regarding how to deal with me this has always been the role of the village… correct and train him… he’s dumb but he has a good heart. :-}

Cheryl wrote:

 “the young lady is my oldest daughter andrea, so in the picture is the 4generations, i’m the one taking the picture, auntie D is the oldest sister in my family, and byron is hiding behind the easter tree,lol,tyson is andreas son :D”

But in this at least I can defend myself (Darcy is one of my heroes),  has anyone else noticed the young man hiding behind the tree?

On the back wall is a drawing/ picture of Cheryl Ann’s youngest that she made at school and just had to have hanging beside her poster of Justin Beiber. Say hi  and realize that this family is just like the family you grew up in… multi generational and full of Love.

Now look at the walls. Starting with the left wall.

Baseball cap, calendar and a drum. Beside the drum dancing regalia. You might have your daughters ballet slippers on your wall. On the back wall, aside from Justin Beiber, family photographs honoring various rights of passage ie: graduation. What might be a drawing of an Eagle. This would take the place of the photo or drawing of your clans castle or tartan if you be Irish or Scott.

From the walls to the table.

It is Easter and they are painting Easter eggs. Here I admit to a strong cultural difference being displayed. They have an Easter Tree and Easter lights too, if you look near the ceiling. But I do not find this difference threatening… do you?

At a university in America HHDL was asked what special message he had for the American people. Once he realized it was a serious question he gave a very surprising answer. He said he had no special message because there are no unique people. Everyone is the same.

He’s right we are all the same, though we do have unique ways of doing the same thing. 

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