At 6’4″ and 340 pounds Hakuho Sho is one big man. If you take the time to watch the linked video  you will see his incredible speed and power. This man has the strength and the skills to squash you or me like an overripe banana. Hakuho also has the ability to use his power and strength to guide his child’s steps. Mindfulness is indeed marvelous. 

I could at this point go into a long and convoluted description of how to develop ‘Mindfulness’ but instead I offer you a simple, practical, and effective means of developing this skill:


I told you it was simple, practical and effective and it is. Simply think about what you are thinking. Is it an angry thought? Is it a vengeful thought? Are you thinking about love? Perhaps you are considering how to be helpful? Whatever your thought is, ask yourself does it create more love and life or hate and death?

If it is creating life and love go with it but go with it intentionally. If it is creating death and hate stop the thought. Realize that you have just made a boo-boo and move your thoughts into a new direction. That is all there is to it. Simply and with intention keep your thoughts directed towards love and life. 

Now here is where I make a sad but true statement. I am not a master and even if I was you should not merely accept what I have suggested in this blog. 

Remember what the Buddha said:

O monks, just like examining gold to know its quality,
You should put my words to the test.
A wise person does not accept them merely out of respect.

He said that about his own teachings. How much more prudent to apply his teaching to my writings!



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