The older I get the more puzzled I become. I used to have all, or at least most of the answers. Now I don’t have all, or even most of the questions.  However, as the G-d’s would have it I am only capable of one thought at a time so one question at a time is quite enough please and thank you.
The question that continues to burble into my consciousness is still not clearly defined. Indeed it is as if I was looking through a telescope with a speculum mirror that desperately needs polishing. Or perhaps as if I was looking through the 200 inch Hale Telescope on a night with high thin cloud.
Nevertheless here is the almost brilliantly clear question that is so befuddling me: Why don’t we get it right?
The Frog in the picture is not supposed to be our intellectual equal but she or he certainly has got it right. So how come us superior intelligentsia types keep on screwing it up? 
We say we want world peace but we spend more on preparing for war than we do to create the conditions where peace would prosper.
We say we believe in freedom. Then we create laws that strip us of our freedom.
We say we believe in equality of the races and the sexes. So we live in ghettos and pay one sex less than the other for equal work.
We say we want to be healthy and live a productive life. Then we do our damnedest to not look after our bodies or train our minds.
Are you beginning to see the pattern that I am finding so confusing? We Humans apparently know what is right and yet so often we choose what is wrong. How come? Why aren’t we as practical and smart as a Frog?

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