Hakuho is  6′ 4″, about 350 pounds and the top ranked Sumo wrestler in the world but he is most definitely not just ‘meat’. UNESCO has appointed him a ‘Goodwill Ambassador. He is a guest lecturer that is in much demand. He is a kind and gentle father. His country honours him. And quite possibly he is a fine husband but as we have never actually talked about his marriage I can only guess about his husbandly qualities. All in all I have to say he is one fine role model.

Most regrettably not many people know about him. Seems that our world has very little use for good role models. The Victoria Cross and the Congressional Medal of Honour are given to warriors who usually die doing some grand and glorious deed in battle. Who amongst us can tell me the American or British highest honour awarded for a civilian who does something really worthy? You begin to see the point!

Might I suggest that for our world to improve humanity needs to improve it’s concept of a Hero.  

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