Smiling because he knew which rule to break 

HHDL has often made the point that sometimes you just have to break the rules.  Naturally this presupposes that you know the rules.

Bruce, not the fellow in the picture, is my brother. He has spent most of his adult life learning and obeying the rules. This was a very good thing. Before he retired he was a pilot and in the air things can go real bad real quick if you don’t know and apply the rules. But he knew that there were times and situations that required breaking the rules.

Which brings me to the point of this little chat. Do you know the rules? Because if you don’t know the Teachings how can you know when and how to break them to live righteously?

The story is told of a monk who is meditating in the forest. He notices a deer moving down a path. A little later a group of wealthy nobles on a hunt  approach and with deep bows ask if the monk has seen a deer. With only a moments hesitation the monk says…. no and returns to his meditation.

In a little while a poor man with a bow approaches the monk and asks the same question. Again with only a moments hesitation the monk answers…yes, points out where the deer went and returns to his meditations.

Did the monk do right?
Did the monk do wrong?
Learn the rules and decide for yourself!

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