Sofie Love Forsberg is a lady I have met through G+ and she is basically into promoting mystical love. She posted the above art and as it perfectly fits my mood I brought it here.
A few years back we hired a new gardener / handy-man. Hard working fellow with a wife and two fine children. We have watched him slowly sliding into alcoholism. Today he has missed work because he is drunk. His wife, who also works for us, is here slowly shedding tears as her life dissolves around her.
 When we first moved into this community the old ones told us that it was a safe place. Get drunk sleep on the side of the road and wake up with whatever you went to sleep with. Not anymore. Now we have high fences and a Doberman.
In Canada’s high north there was going to be a Polar Bear slaughter funded by a group of very rich Chinese killers. It would have been guided and welcomed by the locals. Outsiders raised such a howl that the Chinese backed off. Not the locals but the Chinese. So much for the myth of all natives loving and respecting our four legged brothers. For some the new reality is ‘if we can’t eat it, make love to it, or sell it what use is it’. 
Canada is a land of immense natural beauty and diversity. Our present ruling elite have decided that Canada’s economic future is to built around the Athabaskan Tar Sands. Our elite is going to get richer by supplying the poison that will speed up the destruction of our planet due to global warming. There was a time when Canada was in the forefront of environmental protection. 
I am 60 years old and for many of those years I have been in the fight. I believe that I have not sold out but that would be up to others to judge.  
However I do confess that I am getting closer day by day and defeat by defeat to surrendering.    
Sofie’s Dark Faerie does indeed capture my mood.

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