For those who are not aware of it there is an escalation of tension in the South China Sea. Apparently under the Spratley Islands there is just a gazillion barrels of natural gas and oil. 

Last week China and the Philippines got into a military standoff. China played 3 fishing boats and two fishery observer boats for a full hand.  The Philippines bluffed with it’s Navies Flagship ( reconditioned U.S. Coast Guard vessel) one Philippine Coast Guard Vessel and a civilian boat. 

Today the USS Blue Ridge , the command vessel of the United States 7th Fleet arrived in Manila harbour.  Basically she is a state of the art floating intelligence gathering machine with the entire 7th Fleet backing her up. Basically the Philippine hole card is now 50 – 60 ships 300 or so aircraft and 60,000 Navy and Marine Corps personnel.

  Any one think that this is a coincidence?


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