My wife tells me that I am not a subtle man. Maybe she is right? I have been called racist for what I have said . I have even had people come after me with a bolo because of what I have said and done. Odds are good that I will make a few more enemies with this blog.

You may be genetically programmed to love booze. Others may have created your addiction, You may be born under the influence of evil stars. But if you are a drunk you have no one to blame but yourself. You and only you makes the decision to be drunk or to be sober. Nobody else is to blame or responsible. It is all up to you. This truth I know because I am an alcoholic but not a drunk.

So much for tough love. Now comes the rest of the story. We are all interconnected. Your well being is part of what makes my world better. Your sickness makes my world worse. This means that as selfish as I am I need to find a way to help you. For now, what follows is the best I have to offer. Yours is the choice to accept or decline.

The path to your recovery is right in front of you. All you need to do is take the first step. It will not be easy. But you do not need to walk this path alone. You can find help.

Until the essence of enlightenment is reached
I will go to refuge to the Buddhas;
Likewise I take refuge in the Doctrine
And the host of Bodhisattvas  
This could as easily say;
Until I truly understand
I will take refuge with the Elders
I will also learn from our Traditions
And the Clan Mothers

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