The above picture shows the only true democracy… one person thinking about what is best for that one person which means he is equal to, and as free as, everyone else. However in institutional Democracy  Equality and Freedom for all is one of the greatest myths ever created by government propagandists.

Democracy has never been based upon the idea of one vote for one person and the equality that would bring. Democracy has always been based upon the idea of  ‘only the proper people get to vote’ and the inequality that brings. Depending upon time and country this could mean any or all of the following classes were not allowed to vote;

people who did not own land, people with vagina’s, people of the wrong race, people without enough education, people who were the wrong age, people of the wrong religion.  This list could go on for a while yet but I am sure you are getting the idea.

In a similar manner Freedom was never intended for the entire population. Freedom was and is a very restricted commodity in a Democracy. Again depending upon time and country there have been  restrictions on;

who can own land, who can hold public office, who could get married, who could have children, who could inherit, who could have a drink. This list could also go on but again I am sure you get the idea.

There is also the little talked about but undeniably true fact that the minority in a Democracy always gets screwed. The dictatorship of the majority over the minority is simply a fact of life in any and every Democracy.

Have no fear I am not about to roar into a rant on how we should all be Communists or Socialists or Whatevers. But I am going to answer the question; ‘If a democracy is not about Equality and Freedom what is it about?’

I believe Democracy evolved as a way to use the blossoming middle classes as a buffer between the elite and the downtrodden. This buffer would eliminate one of the nastier habits of 2 class societies. The habit of every so often killing off the elite and putting in a new ruling class. A quick scan through history will show the validity of my belief. It is not that Democracies never have coups but they have significantly less than other forms of governments. And I should add usually they are Democracies with a weak middle class.

So my friends the next time you exercise your Right to Vote in your Democratic country take a moment to ask yourself if keeping the ruling elite in place is worth your enslavement!


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