‘Both parties are expected to continue their discussions on substantive issues, particularly governance and wealth- sharing.’

Now there is the fly in the ointment. According to the story in the Zambotimes the MILF and the Philippine Government are talking about who gets the power and wealth. In other words they are talking as ‘Miners’. This is mine and that is mine too!

For those who do not understand the situation the MILF has been in a war, a rebellion, a freedom fight, a low intensity war, or an armed conflict for about 60 years. The people of Mindanao have been fighting the colonizers for give or take 300 years. Like the Afghans, they have never been defeated though they have been occupied.

I am not about to say this side or that side is right. I will not propose the absolute guaranteed way to peace that they have all missed.  I won’t even blame it on the U.S. of A.! But I will make one or two itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny little observations.  

There is an astronomical amount of money being passed hand to hand under the table because of this conflict. People on both sides are dying because people on both sides are getting rich.

Habits are formed quite easily. It is just possible that the habit of war has entered into the Philippians. Perhaps these killing fields continue to flow with blood because in the minds of the people it is just the way it is and always will be?

Final observation…. in the Philippines Macho and Shame dominate the culture. Until the women on both sides say enough is enough, Macho and the Shame will force the killing to continue.  

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