What more needs to be said?

Shantideva  wrote a book so worthy of attention that HHDL has given, and continues to give teachings and commentaries on it.

And yet the author makes the claim;

[2] I can say nothing here that has not already been said before, 
And I possess no skill in prosody. 
Hence, I would not even imagine that this might benefit others; 
I wrote it only to cultivate (bodhicitta) within my own mind.
I am once again reading HHDL’s commentary and once again I am realizing how little I know and how poorly I practice what I do know. No, I am neither falsely humble nor looking for compliments. In truth I am really a rather poor practitioner. 
So instead of offering you rather poor advice allow me to pose a question, how do you understand the following;
[84] Understand this well
And always labor for the benefit of beings.
Those who are farsighted and are Masters of Compassion
Permit, to this end, that which is proscribed.
It says to me that we are called upon to on occasion break the rules if by breaking the rules we will help someone. 
If this is indeed an honest understanding of the meaning does it follow that  Legalism is not always a good deal in Buddhism? Does it also follow that I am called upon to think and choose the right path rather than merely accept the path that someone shows me? 
Choices, always choices!

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