Proverbs 8 and John 1 have a lot in common. An awful lot. Regrettably Christianity over the centuries has forgotten Woman Wisdom. I believe this has caused a diminished ability to bring love and peace into this world through Christianity

M. Susanne Guenther Loewen decided that she would earn a Masters Degree in Theological Studies. Here is the abstract to her thesis;


This thesis explores Wisdom Christology, the association of Jesus Christ and the
mysterious and neglected biblical figure of Woman Wisdom. Because the descriptions of her
bear a striking resemblance to the portrayal of Jesus Christ, I argue that they can be seen as two
names for the same figure: Christ-Wisdom.
This link between Jesus Christ and Woman Wisdom has some interesting repercussions
in Christology. Firstly, it emphasizes the mysteriousness of Jesus Christ, preventing the illusion
that Jesus Christ can be fully understood. In fact, the incarnation is a deepening of the mystery of
God, meaning that theological language must rely on paradox and metaphor to describe the
indescribable. I argue that the name Jesus Christ is inclusive, wide enough to hold many names,
including that of Woman Wisdom, which he sanctifies so they become appropriate names for the
Secondly, the association of Jesus Christ with Woman Wisdom affects the gender of
Jesus Christ. Throughout Christian history, there has been a gender fluidity in depictions of Jesus
Christ, something legitimated by his full divinity. This does not mean his historical life as a male
human being can be ignored, but although he was of the male sex, he arguably did not strictly
adhere to socio-cultural gender expectations. Likewise, in Woman Wisdom, Jesus Christ
provides an alternative, atypical way of being female. This relativizes the gender of ChristWisdom, pointing beyond it to the radical solidarity of the divine with all humanity in the incarnation.
Thirdly, to view Christ as Wisdom changes the way gender is understood within the
Church, the Body of Christ. If the Church is the representative of Christ-Wisdom, it is therefore a
multi-gendered body in which Jesus Christ takes on male and female embodiment. In contrast to
gendered ethical models, the Church thus has one ethical example in Christ-Wisdom, which all
follow. Because of the various gifts of the Spirit, diversity remains, but is transformed so that
differences, including gender, do not limit or determine the roles of believers in the Church, but
remain part of the richness of the one Body under its one Head, Christ-Wisdom.
For any who are as intrigued with this as I am here is her full thesis

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